Jack Tyndale-Biscoe is Founder and CEO of Melodictum. ©

Melodictum is a music company that provides a unique, personal and interactive music experience. Combining  piano performance, research and advanced education, Melodictum explores meaningful connections between music and words in Live and Online platforms.

Through these interactive music experiences, a specific work, genre, and/or composer may be discussed, presented, performed and analysed, thus creating a profound understanding of the context of the piece/s before, during or after the performance.

Interactive Music experiences available for hire in Live Performance or for purchase via the Online Format will include:

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MeloDictum live & online 

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COMING SOON... Go to Upcoming Performances to view MeloDictum's schedule and upcoming interactive concert experiences: The Divine Spark of Bach...

of J.S. BACH

"J.S Bach for me, encompasses the sum of all human and divine experience. 

There are moments of pure, unparalleled joy, as well as sensations of sombre suffering. There are dashes of dignified dance and events of eloquent expression. There is freedom and fantasy and yet there are also pillars of perfect proportion and placement."

Jack Tyndale- Biscoe

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